Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tofurky, Daiya, Tomato Pinwheels

Hey guys.  Things have been so crazy with me lately, and I have had absolutely no time to even think about blog posts, let alone actually make any!  I am thinking I will likely not be able to focus on the Gluten Free Wednesdays as much as I have in the past, and will likely post them once or twice a month from now on.  On the good news end, I recently found out that I am going back home to Michigan with the Hubby in about three weeks to visit the family.  (I haven't seen them in a year, and Hubby hasn't seen them in two years!!)  While we are there, my mum is intending to host a super belated wedding reception (we were married in NY), and in order to be able to take off those 7 days, I will have to do all of those days' work in advance to actually leaving.  It is damn hard to leave the city!  

Anyway, onto food...  This past weekend, Hubbs and I had Sunday off together.  We had lots of plans, but the weather interfered by raining allll day, so we ultimately decided to spend a lazy day at home.  When we were hungry for lunch, I didn't want to get out of the lazy mood, so I thought about something easy I could make and remembered these from back in the day.  They are so delicious and it has been forever since I have eaten these in their original form.  Now, the ingredients definitely seem a bit strange, but believe me, you will be happily surprised by the flavor combination.  I was working in a deli back home in Michigan, slicing meats cheeses, making party trays, sandwiches and salads when I was in my teens and this was by far one of the most popular, and expensive (for Michigan standards- in NY it would be ridiculously cheap!) sandwiches we sold.  I was vegetarian even then, so I would make the sandwich without the turkey, and loved it! 

I haven't thought about it in years though.  I was shopping at Trader Joe's a couple days ago, randomly browsing the bread section, not really sure what I wanted, when I discovered the lavash flat bread.  I hadn't seen it in years, since I made the sandwich in Michigan, and grabbed it without thinking.  I smiled and thought back on the good old days, deciding then and there that I would make the sandwich as soon as I got home.  That didn't exactly happen, though I made it several days later.  Seriously so good, but surprisingly filling - I couldn't eat a whole roll, and  gave the rest, plus a whole roll to the Hubby.  When I first put it in front of him, telling him I had a new sandwich for him to try, he looked at it a bit strangely, but loved it and even asked for more!  Can't wait to make it again soon!

Pinwheel Sandwich:

Tasty, Tangy Goodness!
Serves 2

1 lavash bread slice
3 tablespoons tofutti vegan cream cheese, softened
4-6 slices tofurky (any flavor)
4 slices daiya cheese (or shreds if you do not have slices)
1 large roma tomato, sliced thinly
2 tablespoons prepared Italian dressing

1.  Carefully spread cream cheese oven surface of lavash bread, all the way to the end. 
2.  Place tofurky slices on top of cream cheese, spreading out as much as possible.
3.  Layer slices of daiya over top of tofurky.
4.  Place tomato slices over top of daiya and generously drizzle with the Italian dressing. 
5.  Working from the bottom, roll up the sandwich as tightly as possible, until you reach the top. Press the top firmly to the rest of the pinwheel, ensuring it will stick. 
6.  Using a sharp serrated knife, slice the rolled sandwich into desired size circles.  Eat!  Seriously Good!



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