Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've Been Away ..... On Vacation

Hello Everyone,

Sorry about the absence of posts, but I have been taking a much needed vacation!  I have taken the Hubby back to Michigan to hang out with my family, get away from the city and just chill out in a place where people are always nice, the air is clean and the day goes by nice and slowly!  Having a great time, and I promise I will update soon!  Until then, enjoy this beautiful picture of Lake Michigan and the Hubby and I enjoying our vacay!

So Beautiful & Refreshing!
(And Freshwater, not Salt Water!)

Hubby & I with my Brother & Sister-In-Law's Dog Robbie. 
It's funny how properly he's sitting, as though he knew about
 the picture!  Can you tell he'd just gone for a swim?


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