Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gluten Free Bread Testing

I have been doing a lot of testing lately.  Mostly vegan, and gluten free about half of the time.  My husband and I are in major crunch time testing for our future cafe.  Our main menu is finished and I am mostly working on the no-fun stuff: business plan, recipe costing, etc.  I am still making time to test ideas for our baked goods section of the cafe - there is still a lot to do there.  It's difficult sometimes to really get into the baking at home though because there is only so small of a batch I can accurately make, and then what to do with the rest of it?  It's just Hubbs and I.  We might eat it for a day or two, but then what?  I've been trying to take it to work the last couple times, but riding a bike to work makes that problematic sometimes.  I'll figure something out in the meantime and take what I can to work.

I have also been working on gf breads lately, which have been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, exciting and many other things.  Making them is soooo unlike making conventional breads, they really almost shouldn't even be called breads - it should be called something much more amazing!  I have had many many failures and several successes.  The only thing I really do not like about gf bread is that it is really amazing only the first day it is baked.  After that it gets dry and is still very good when toasted, but you really can't eat it as happily as you did the day it was baked.  Also refrigerating it is a bad idea because it turns crazilly dry and crumbly.  I'm enjoying the experience and who honestly doesn't like bread?  So, that's a great plus too.  I'm not going to share the recipes yet because I still feel like they are not quite there yet, but I will once I'm very happy with them.  Until then, enjoy some pretty pictures of the last couple batches of bread I've been testing.

Mini Loaf - Adorable!  So delicious warm with earth balance!

Mini Loaf Sliced - Next Time I'll Make Mini Tea Sandwiches!

GIANT Loaf Of GF Multigrain Bread: 2x the Recipe

I Was Surprised by how Beautifully & Easily it Sliced!



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