Saturday, February 4, 2012

Any Suggestions for Using Bell Peppers?

Hello everyone.  As I'm sure you are all aware now, I have started a new job.  The crazy and long hours are keeping me tremendously busy, so much so that I have to be back to work in about six hours from now, and I still have yet to go to sleep!  However, there is an issue I have come across at work and would love some input.  I am working within a natural foods co-op where there is a produce department that goes through tons of produce everyday and will throw away hundreds of pounds of produce per day unless my department can do something with it.  Now, nothing has been done before I came in, and most of the produce went into the dumpster, not even to the homeless shelter.  So, after closing last night and throwing away 8 baguettes, 6 loaves of organic crusty bread, bagels, cookies, croissants, and so many more things it will make you ill, I have decided I absolutely must do something about it.

So I am doing the obvious thing of making croutons and bread crumbs out of the bread and making marinara sauce out of the tomatoes or using the barely bruised ones for sandwiches and salads.  The peppers, however is another thing entirely.  Right now there is about 60+ pounds of peppers in the walk-in: red, green, yellow and orange bell peppers.  I made a roasted red pepper and kalamata olive salad this afternoon, which used up 24 of the peppers, but there are still so many left.  Tomorrow I am making baked eggplant Parmesan to use up many slightly imperfect eggplants, which will be served with the marinara I made from the fresh tomatoes. 

Short of making stuffed peppers and Greek salad, I'm not sure what else to make with the tons and tons of peppers that are in the cooler.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, because seeing those dumpsters filled with all of those fruits and vegetables is sickening and anything I can do to use them, and make a buck for my department in the process is great. 

Ideas are greatly appreciated. 

Thanks and take care.  Until I'm a little less hectically busy,


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