Thursday, January 9, 2014

Massive Last Order at Vegan Divas

One of the interesting places I worked while in NY was a place called Vegan Divas.  I was the Executive Pastry Chef there for about a year.  I left the position to work more full-time with a family as their Private Chef.  It was a great time in my career and I certainly learned a lot through the process.  This is one of the last big orders I did before I left the company - all with only one employee besides myself - definitely a huge accomplishment!  Hope you enjoy the pictures as I enjoy the memories of tons of hard work and pride!  (And everything vegan!)

Tons of individual packages of Chocolate Mousse

All the baked goods packaged and ready to go.

Apple Scones

More Chocolate Mousse and Trays of Brownies

All the ingredients needed to make the huge order.

PB&J Scones

Portioning out Macaroons

More Portioning

Two different kinds of scones

Huge bowl of macaroon filling

And more and more portioning

The finished trays of baked brownies

The finished trays of brownies and macaroons

The last of the huge order